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Precautions For Maintenance Of Garden Fence
02:58:39 25/04/2020

As a product for outdoor use, the garden fence is very susceptible to various natural or man-made damages, so in order to extend the service life of the garden fence, care must be taken to maintain and maintain it.

Keep away from strong acids and bases. Strong acids and alkalis are the number one killer of garden metal fences. If you accidentally make acid and alkalis on the fences, remember to clean them with clean water in time, and then wipe them dry with dry cotton cloth to prevent the corrosion of metal garden fences by acids and alkalis.

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Avoid bumping sharp objects. This is a point that needs to be paid attention to during the maintenance of the garden fence. When the garden fence manufacturer moves and installs the fence, it is necessary to avoid bumping with the guardrail as much as possible. At the same time, the ground on which the guardrail is placed must also be kept flat. It is firm. If the shaking is unstable, the guardrail may be deformed for a long time and affect its service life.

Remove dust regularly. When the garden fence is used for a long time, it is inevitable that a layer of lime soil will be attached, which will not only affect the gloss and aesthetics of the fence, but also may cause damage to the protective film of the garden fence. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe and clean the garden fence regularly, and choose a softer cotton fabric to wipe it better.

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