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Selection of Surface Treatment Technology for Garden Fence
03:21:00 25/04/2020

The common surface treatment processes of garden fences on the market are mainly dip and spray, so what is the difference between these two treatment processes?

The garden fence is made of steel wire mesh, usually the whole garden fence mesh is immersed in steel solute. The processed garden fence has many anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, acid-alkali, moisture-proof, anti-aging, long environmental life and many other Advantage, widely used in some large-scale high-speed fence nets, railway fence nets, garden protection nets, civil residential anti-theft nets, net fences and other fields.

metal garden fence

Compared with dip coating, the spray-type processing technology is mainly sprayed with thermoplastic powder coatings, and some polyethylene and polytetrachloroethylene are commonly used as surface coatings. This means that these materials are more suitable for indoor architecture, such as indoor flower exhibitions, indoor sports isolation nets, metal garden fences, etc.

Generally speaking, if you choose to infiltrate the garden fence, it is better than spraying. With the deepening of the environmental protection development concept in recent years, more companies are keen on environmental protection, non-toxic, good-feel road fence products Therefore, the plastic-impregnated products have gradually become the hotspot sought by everyone.

The easiest way to distinguish between the two is to scratch the top with a knife. The thickest surface is the plastic garden fence. It can be seen that it can resist external corrosion, and plastic dipping has an advantage.

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