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What Are The Surface Treatment Processes Of The Garden Fence?
02:49:53 25/04/2020

The base material of the zinc steel garden fence is high-temperature hot-dip zinc material. Hot-dip zinc refers to putting the steel into a zinc liquid pool of thousands of degrees. After soaking, the zinc liquid will penetrate into the steel to form a special zinc. Steel alloy, hot dip galvanized material surface can be up to 30 years without any corrosion in the field environment without corrosion

What are the surface treatment processes of the garden fence

High temperature curing: heat the powder coating on the surface of the workpiece to a specified temperature and maintain it for a corresponding time to melt, level, and solidify it, thereby obtaining the ideal surface effect of the workpiece.

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Technical steps: Push the sprayed workpiece into the curing furnace, heat it to a predetermined temperature (generally 180-220 degrees), and keep it for a corresponding time; open the furnace and take out the cooling to obtain the finished product.

Pretreatment before spraying: remove oil stains, dust and rust on the surface of the workpiece, and create a "phosphatized layer" on the surface of the workpiece that can resist corrosion and increase the adhesion of the spray coating.

The main process steps of the garden fence: degreasing, derusting, phosphating and passivation. The workpiece is not only free of oil, rust and dust on the surface after pretreatment, but also forms a uniform gray phosphating film on the original surface that is not easy to rust, which can not only prevent rust but also increase the adhesion of the plastic spray layer.

Electrostatic spraying: Spray powder coating evenly on the surface of the workpiece. Special workpieces (including positions that are prone to electrostatic shielding) are sprayed with a high-performance electrostatic spraying machine.

Technical steps: Using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, spray a layer of powder coating on the surface of the workpiece uniformly; the falling powder is recovered by the recovery system and can be reused after screening.

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