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1.25 ib/ ft Paint Green Metal T Posts
09:01:01 14/08/2021

1.25 ib/ ft Paint Green Metal T Posts

T Post Description

The T-shaped posts are made of steel rails, giving them the same strength and elasticity as the railway track support rails.Save your time, frustration, and money.Durable, H stud T posts can be driven to almost any type of terrain on a farm, workplace, or surrounding yard.

T Post Specification

Material: billet steel,rail steel
Weight: 0.85,0.95,1.25,1.33lbs/ft
Length: 5'-10'
Surface treatment: painted with spade,painted no spade,unpainted with spade,unpainted without spade,hot-dipped galvanized

SpecificationLengthSurface Treatment




With Plate

5'-8'Hot-Dipped Galvanized or Painted Green Normal

T Post Advantages

It's an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled after many years.Beautiful appearance, easy to use,

Low cost, good anti-theft performance, is now commonly used steel column, concrete column, bamboo column substitute products.

Packing terms

American Steel Studded T Post Green Painted farm fence post packing type: 
5pcs/bundle, 200pcs/pallet for Studded steel t fence posts wholesale. Or you can choose other types of packaging

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