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Hot Dip Galvanized Zinc Coated 6Ft Cyclone Diamond Chain Link Fence
09:04:06 15/08/2021

Hot Dip Galvanized Zinc Coated 6Ft Cyclone Diamond Chain Link Fence

Diamond Chain Link Fence Description

Wire mesh fence, also known as diamond fence, is made of high-quality steel hook. The wire mesh fence has uniform mesh, smooth surface, durable, beautiful, convenient installation; it has a variety of colors, can be harmonious with the surrounding environment, decorative effect is good. Chain fence is widely used in playground, garden, highway, railway, airport, residence and other places, and can be used to raise animals.

Diamond Chain Link Fence Application



Not only can they come in a variety of colors, but fences can be vinyl covered to add extra strength,. Therefore, barbed wire fences can also be personalized to suit your personality and the needs of your property.

2 privacy

If you want to take your attention away from your business, you can add color matching slats to the fence to provide an extra layer of privacy.


3. security

First of all, the most important thing is safety. Barbed wire fence can block all bad people and wild animals, which may cause damage to your property.


Diamond Chain Link Fence Packing terms


  • Attach all bulk cargo in the container to the panel and attach

  • Panels with pallets (steel or wood) are packed in bulk in containers using bubble film

  • All packages are palletized and attached to the container

  • All the clips and covers are packed in cartons

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